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1. "I found a show in the schedule that is not correct."
2. "I don't see my favorite radio station"
1. "Is there a charge for registration?"
2. "Do I have to register?"

Full FAQ Answers
Stations (top)
1. "I found a show in the schedule that is not correct."
Stations are constantly changing their lineups. We try to keep our schedules as up-to-date as possible. If you see a problem, please send us an email with the details, or click on the PROBLEM link next to each station in the schedule.

2. "I don't see my favorite radio station"
Please email us the callsign of your station if you are sure that they carry one of our listed talk show hosts.

Registration (top)
1. "Is there a charge for registration?"
Registration is free and carries no obligation. We will not sell or give your email address to any third party or service.

2. "Do I have to register?"
Registration is not required. You can still go to the Schedule page and enter a zip code to get broadcast and Internet radio schedules. Your choices will be saved to a local cookie (if they are enabled) so they will appear each time you visit our site. Registration allows you to specify an email address and text message address if you want to have the schedules automatically sent to you, as well as specifying international locations for your Internet radio.

Are you having trouble playing streaming audio?

Radio stations use different types of streaming audio that require different players. Your computer may already have the correct player installed. You may experience more problems using a Macintosh computer. If you experience problems, please check the following sites for information about downloading specific audio players.

RealPlayer® from RealNetworks, Inc. (Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux)
Winamp from Nullsoft Inc. (Windows, Mac)
Windows Media™ Player from Microsoft Corporation (Windows, Mac)
QuickTime® from Apple Computer, Inc. (Windows, Mac)
VLC media player from VideoLAN (Windows, Mac, Linux)
iTunes® from Apple Computer, Inc. (Windows, Mac)

Get a list of talk shows on now from your phone

  1. Register your name on Make sure you add your new AOL address as your secondary email address. Your regular computer email address should be your primary email address.
  2. When you want to find out what conservative talk show is on right now, send a message from either your registered phone or computer to the following:
    Subj: city st
    Body: <do not include anything>
  3. The subject can be in the format: "city,st" or "city st" with a valid 2 character state abbreviation.
  4. Alternatively, you can include just a 5-number zipcode for the subject.
  5. You will get a reply back with a list of the current talk shows within 40 miles of your location.
If you can't send emails from your cell phone, you can try the following:
  1. Set up a free email account on AOL. Set the spam filter to receive mail from only people you know. Add as a contact.
  2. On your phone, add your new AOL email address. Add a contact to your address book to make it easier to send a message - the address is:
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